Fleas, although small can be a real nuisance and really drive people up the wall. The paradox with fleas is that they always manage to find a way inside your home. Obviously, pets would be the facilitator on certain occasions but that is not necessary the actual reason by default. Pets such as fish, birds or other animals that never leave the home are not to worry about, but cats and dogs are the ones to watch out for. Even though, people care for their animals a lot, bathe them regularly, give them all the anti-flea shots on a tight schedule, somehow these little pests manage to find a way inside the house. This is so because, fleas are extremely resilient and resistant to many chemical and natural treatments applied. They also seem to find the best hiding places like fluffy carpets or furniture of similar characteristics.

Fleas are a real tough problem to get rid of on your own, chances are that your efforts will turn out to be useless and you would have spent a ton of money on chemicals and methods that don’t really do much at all. This is why it is recommended to call in professional exterminators and let them take care of the problem for you. Extermination of fleas usually begins with growth inhibitor treatment, this means that the property will be sprayed over with a chemical that will prevent infant fleas from growing and reproducing thus discontinuing the enlargement of the colony. The growth inhibitor will take some time to dry off and do its job, meanwhile it is recommended that the occupants of the house be elsewhere, this is only for a day or so. Once the inhibitor agent has dried and evaporated, all furniture, items, shoes, blankets, carpets, rugs and runners should be thoroughly vacuumed once each day for a period of two weeks – in these two weeks, in theory all the fleas should be dying off and dropping. The vacuum bag should be tossed each day and replaced with a new one for the given period of time. Pets are to be anti-flea treated during this period as well. Don’t postpone dealing with flea infestations for too long.