Cockroaches is the most common household pest nowadays. They usually congregate and attack the kitchen, bathrooms and the storage areas of the household. Unfortunately though, roaches are very tough and strong when it comes to extermination. They show quite a bit of resilience and tolerance for different chemicals and insecticides applied therefore their eradication is laborious and takes longer to reach complete and satisfactory results. Dealing with cockroaches is indeed tedious and hands on experience so it is better to leave it to us, the professionals.

There are two major ways to get rid of roaches – the chemical way and the organic way. The organic ways include the application of special organic sprays, freezing the roaches, entrapping or vacuuming with heavy duty vacuum cleaners. Usually a combination of some or all natural methods is required in order to achieve satisfactory results. In terms of chemical extermination, there are a number of ways available, which in combination can yield some pretty decent results. These methods include: active ingredient baits, these are child proof containers that enclose certain chemicals, and these are spread in strategic areas of the infested property and have a direct effect on the roach population. Another popular chemical method is the application of anti-roach dusts and powders. These usually make use of boric acid and other active ingredients. Such powders are not recommended if little children are living at the house, they are also quite messy as they have to be spread around nooks and crannies where the roaches hide. A variation of the chemical method is the spray treatment; this is a spray application of synthetic chemicals with high success rate. Though highly effective, these chemicals are very toxic and can be quite harmful if not used properly. It might be a good idea to combine natural and chemical extermination methods when it comes to roaches, though the ratio, the actual application and the duration of the treatments is best determined by professional pest controllers. We will analyze the given situation and tailor a combination of methods suited to the particular environment and infestation level.