Bedbugs are some of the most annoying household pests one may come across, they are a real nuisance since they deprive you of what you desire most after a long day at work – namely a good night’s rest. This could lead to some serious health issues so we recommend that the moment you realize there are bedbugs crawling inside your bed do give us a call and leave the extermination to us. Bedbugs usually respond to a number of proven and widely used extermination methods, we apply all methods in accordance to the individual situation and the level of infestation.

The most commonly used and non-toxic way of eradication is the steam treatment, although absolutely harmless to house occupants and family pets, steam is not the greatest way to kill off and banish bedbugs. Usually, steam method is combined with additional pesticide application for complete eradication of the problem. Another highly effective way to get rid of bedbugs is to use heat as a permanent treatment against them: ask around and you will see that this approach really works and quite efficiently as a matter of fact as these little mites don’t handle high temperature well and tend to disappear if exposed to over forty five degrees centigrade. A downside of the heat method is that bed mites can abandon ship and invade other areas of the house – again combined with other pesticides the method shows perfect results. As bedbugs become resistant to pesticides, a good way to get rid of them is the cold application method, it is completely harmless and residents will not have to leave the property while it’s being processed. An aggressive and highly effective method is the smoke application method, this however is chemically facilitated and it does involve the application of certain chemicals. This method is usually left as last resort for really heavy infestations. Relying on their expertise and experience, our pest control technicians will conduct a viewing and determine the best way to deal with the problem at hand, using the most suitable method, usually the scale and the intensity of the infestation will determine the eradication method and application.